Are You Utilizing Your Best Assets?

How many times have you heard the phrase: “Our people are our best assets?” Unfortunately, though many executives recognize the value of people to drive their business, they don’t leverage their talent pools to their fullest potential. Do you? Ever wonder if you could:

• Find that unique skill you need with someone you already employ?
• Better source the thousands of applicants in your own ATS?
• Shorten your recruitment process by ranking all sources of applicants so that the best matched candidates are on top?


• Searching your resume database or Monster’s vast resume database with a common search query
• Utilizing patented technology to find the best matched candidates for your openings, sorted and ranked by your criteria
• Identifying potential candidates for key openings and succession planning from your internal employee pool
• Creating a Talent Dashboard to help you manage your workforce planning and identify key skills
We’re giving away something each week, depending on how many people qualify to win. In order to qualify, you must do all of the following…

Attended a training session/refresher course (courses will be made available to you prior to contest period)
Passed the 6SES evaluation
Filled out the pre-trial survey (survey will be made available to you prior to contest period)
5 PRS searches in the week (minimum, of course!)
Have a minimum of 3 saved searches in your account (at least)
50 resume views in the week (minimum, of course!)
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