MRI - 6Sense Enterprise Suite

• Searching your resume database or Monster’s vast resume database with a common search query
• Utilizing patented technology to find the best matched candidates for your openings, sorted and ranked by your criteria
• Identifying potential candidates for key openings and succession planning from your internal employee pool
• Creating a Talent Dashboard to help you manage your workforce planning and identify key skill shortages and talent gaps before they impacted the business?

Introducing Monster 6Sense™ Enterprise Suite

Monster’s new ‘cloud computing’ solution, has the tools to turn all of your employees and prospective employees into viable assets that can be found and placed in the right job. Streamline your recruitment process and accelerate finding the critical hires you need.

Join us to learn how to use 6Sense™ Enterprise Suite to find your talent!
Monster 6Sense™ Enterprise Suite for MRI
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